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Route 66

Have you ever felt life has dealt you a lousy hand? The idioms of life like a bad suit in a card game seem to be filled with disadvantages, and powerlessness to compete in the game of life. Often the hand we're given in our lives can cause great depression and despair because of the lack of control we often feel regarding our outcomes. Coupled with observations of others and our own circumstances, our lives can become confusing, and disheartening. Loss of heart, becomes our adaptive response in coping, resigning our desire to be better or more beyond our present conditions.

In these moments we often turn to GOD for answers. The human experience defies explanation by human definitions, especially when contradictions are present. In my own life the contradictions of good and evil, right and wrong, acceptance and rejection, fair and unjust stir negative emotions and dark perspectives. Moments like these drive me to divine inquiry for meaning and context to maintain my grip and faith.

One day driven by query, I said, "Lord, why is my life filled with so much...?" I like a child declaring his entitlements presented my relational rights to God, about why my life should be so much more of my expectations. God in his loving and gentle way spoke His word to me. The blessing of God's word in the darkest moments of our lives reveals itself when that fragment of what we read recalls in our spirit. As we answer the recall and search for truth God shows his sovereignty. I turned to Psalms 66 hearing only a fragment of the puzzle holding the resolution of my quest for understanding.

Here in the pages of Pslams which often companions our human experience God settled my issues. Each of our lives has a road that God has chosen for us that may be sovereignly different than what we decided it will be. However, at the end of it, all God's plan and process will exceed our expectations and designations. Psalms 66 like an interstate or alternate road from the main road of life that we all travel cause us to drive through some dark, bumpy, single lane, and less desirable circumstances. Yet, as we travel this off-road we discover hidden sights and secrets unknown to the main road traveler. Like the psalmist, we can declare "He bought me out into a place of abundance". The abundance of the human experience is often found on the off-road of life, as we interpret in the eyes and wisdom of God! God knows the way we take and when we resign ourselves to his wisdom our outcomes far exceed our expectations.

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