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Christopher Colander has a passion for Kingdom Excellence Kingdom Expansion, and Kingdom Evangelism. 


His ministry experience has empowered him keen insight into many of the complexities of church development, church growth, and church innovation. He has worked both as a Senior Leader, and alongside Senior Leaders to facilitate innovation, growth, and development within the local church. 


He as an Apostolic Anointing, that has blessed granted him access to television, radio, and other various forms of media to share kingdom agenda and advancement.  He is known for his radical but grounded preaching and teaching that as inspired both old and young. 

Elder Christopher Colander is the author of FIT 4 LIFE, a unique perspective and look on how to live your best life.  He is a graduate off the John Maxwell Leadership Academy.  He currently hosts inspirational and empowerment talks on social media forums: Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram. 


Finally, as we face the 21st Century relativity of the Church and those we are called and ordained to reach. Elder Christopher has positioned  himself as kingdom diagnostic and guide to those who seek a spiritual compass to assist them with navigation to fulfillment of Divine Mandate.

Cloud with Silver Lining


To be a safe place where we can inspire, teach and motivate people to: Love God and His People Through God Works and God’s Grace.

*Matthew 25:30-36


To bring the message of salvation to all regardless of race, gender, nationality, or culture. To be a center of Christian discipleship and evangelism. To develop both leaders and followers who will share the Grace of God both domestically and abroad. To be relevant to our times by sharing the Gospel in innovative and effective ways. To be a strong and healthy Christ centered ministry! 

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