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Keeping The Faith

SteadyIng your stride in the midst of life's uncertainties is a matter of Faith!

Faith that Believes

Keep Moving

An old adage says when life gets tough the tough get going. It’s easy to quit when things become difficult. Throwing in the towel is common place for many people without fortitude. The ability to stick it out is vital to making forward strides in your life.

Faith In God provides unmatched stability in unstable times. Jesus told us Faith overcomes the world. The world in context encompasses this life’s problems and philosophies.

The pressures of life can only be rivaled by our trust in God. Trust in God keeps us in balance with our weaknesses and God’s ability. His strength provides a spiritual resource for remaining calm and resolute in the midst of adversity and complexity. God’s strength helps us maintain our stride. The righteous live by Faith! Faith is the impetus for moving forward-staying on track and holding our stride. Hold onto your Faith!

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