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God vs Man

Most of us think that God and man are always in contradiction to each other. Many of the sermons we hear reinforce that belief system inadvertently. Notwithstanding, God declares his thoughts and ways are not the same as ourselves. So from one vantage point, God and man are not congruent.

However, on the other hand God made man to be like Him, and rule like Him. God established and placed man in authority! Therefore submission to man is essentially submission to God. God never intended to undermine mans authority by his declarations of supremacy; actually its reinforcement to God’s order. God in heaven man on earth both in dominion.

Many of us have heard “I rather obey God than man” from the mouth of Christians. Truthfully speaking God commands us to submit to human authority first! Because God has established human authority to protect, govern, and bless us.

Consider the scriptures as found in Ecclesiastes 8:2 which equalizes our submission to God with our submission to human government. Romans 13:1-7 exegetes governmental order and authority. We are told to obey our human leaders in every sector of life or receive the consequences. Honor over self desire! Finally in 1 Peter 2:1-17 we are strongly admonished to honor God’s system of human institutions.

We must ask ourselves, are we really obeying God over man, or are we just missing the mark?

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